Rape does not justify Pro-Choice


Rape is not an excuse for abortion, so stop pretending it is.

Here’s a little bit about myself.

My Father was an abortion survivor. My brother was a stillborn. So one might see why I concern myself so incessantly with Pro-Life affairs.

Had my father been lost to termination, I would not be here today.

While there may be some who would very much prefer that I never existed, I do happen to like my life, albeit the pain and misery of mere existence, or the torment of Catholic guilt, for among all the reasons for despair you only need one reason to live. So I’m thankful for my existence. All of it.

I am aware that this is likely an unconscious attempt to dramatise my mundane existence, ornamenting my life with elements of paradox and enigma. However, being a typical gen-z whippersnapper, do allow me to carry on my indulgence in this self-serving demeanour.

Further to my previous sentiments, I’ve also had the unfortunate childhood experience of losing a brother before he was born. And I mourned my despite underdeveloped yet very human baby brother with the full emotional capacity of an 8-year-old.

Now if you’re the kind of pro-choicer that insists that he was merely a clump of cells, I now cordially invite you to piss off.

The prime logic that substantiates the pro-life movement is the undeniable truism that all life has a right to its natural development. I do not say that ‘all life is precious’, because I sure as hell don’t think the lives of execrable beings such as Islamic terrorists are particularly precious. And I definitely would not say that Hitler’s life was very precious.

However, every life has an inherent right to existence. This idea seems universally agreed upon when it comes to mocking the character of Thanos from Avengers: Endgame, but is strangely neglected when it comes to moral evaluation.

When is it a life (alive)?

That is the wrong question to ask. The question should instead be: ‘What is a life?’

A sperm is not a life, contrary to the parodies of Catholics believing that every sperm is a child.

Neither is an egg a life.

A sperm on its own cannot develop into a human being, not unlike how egg on its own cannot develop into a human being. This is why contraceptives are not abortion, and the same could be said vice-versa.

Upon the fusion of the sperm and the egg, there is no tearing it apart. At that precise moment in time, that becomes a life.

I just thought it would be funny to state the obvious there.

Look at it this way. Imagine a post-apocalyptic world where there are no more plants.

You and your gang of misfits chance upon a bag of seeds. Jackson, the standard prerequisite character of every movie pulls a Star-Lord move and burns the seeds. Everybody is devastated.

But why is everybody so devastated? Those were not plants, they were mere seeds! What purpose did they serve? What mortal sin did Jackson commit by burning those seeds?

And that is what a life is.


Now of course, by this point any logical person would either deny the above tenet of life, or claim to have accepted this all along, attributing their righteous views to another issue all together.


One does not even need facts and figures to comprehend the invalidity of that justification.

Just take a rough guesstimate, what is the number of women raped in a civil society such as the USA?

While one is still one too many, it pragmatically isn’t (I say this with caution) that much.

Now think about how many instances of sexual intercourse actually lead to fertilisation.

Obviously, an even smaller number, seeing how hook-up culture hasn’t caused overpopulation.

And out of this figure, how many of these unfortunately unplanned mothers choose to end the life of their unplanned but nevertheless, child?

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that these abortions account of less than 1% of the several hundred thousands.

Perhaps that’s why some pro-life politicians say illogical things that give trendy pro-choice actresses something to virtue signal over.

But the question still seems to stand, is it then right to end the child’s life?


No, it isn’t right.

But is it fair?

And this is where I will put on a slightly pro-choice cap, for the sake of argument.

Let’s say that the abortion ban is not fair to the mother as she too is innocent, and this is where systems of governance should intervene, the very systems that were implemented to ensure justice.

While abortion is never right, many things are not right but are legal. In this particular instance, both the mother and child are ‘innocent’. Therefore the law should permit this rare exception, bearing in mind that the law is not the church.

Now the greatest minds in the world could go on for hours debating over this topic, but it doesn’t change the stark truth.

This is still miles away from justifying mass murder.


From a libertarian point of view, I would say go ahead and abort your babies, but don’t wait a couple of weeks to do it. Wasn’t ‘Plan B’ made for that purpose?

But please, go ahead and practice your ‘bodily autonomy’, go ahead and thump your chests singing your anthems of social justice that blindly reverberate to the righteously trendy tune of ‘oRanGe mAn BaD!’.

It is your choice. Akin to how murders have the choice to kill. But don’t you ever deny that abortion is ending a life. Do not pretend it is not a life.

Do not hide behind the guise of compassion and righteousness, for if you believe that ‘men should not make laws about women’s bodies’, then you too should not judge whether or not ending a child’s life is the best thing to do if you yourself are not in that situation.

Time and time again it is proven that abortions lead to a life of more hurt and regret than when a woman brings the child to term. And don’t even dare to appropriate the scenario of a mother’s life being in danger. It is an unfortunate situation, and Alabama gives a pass on that. The Catholic Church gives a pass on that. Everyone. Gives. A. Pass. On. That.

I would like to end off by quoting Matt Walsh of The Daily Wire. As he said during his speech at a pro-life rally in Philadelphia, “You can’t call it reproductive rights because by the time of abortion, reproduction has already occurred.”

Very apt indeed.

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