The Villainy of the Mainstream Media

Planned Parenthood, Riverdale, Feminism, Buzzfeed.

All products of the scheming American left, gift-wrapped with the sole purpose of pandering to the emotions of well-meaning citizens, fuelling their own political agenda.

The reality is that even on the other side of the globe, the liberal agenda led by the likes of Hillary Clinton and Tyler Oakley intoxicates our society like carbon monoxide poisoning, deadly yet unnoticeable. Be it Cinema, Youtube, Social Media or Netflix, here in screen-filled-internet-savvy Asia, American media is inescapable.

Almost all Youtubers are now either gay or flying a pride flag, gay characters have become a prerequisite to any television series, while the colossal fanbases of A-list celebrities such as Emma Watson and Scarlett Johansson are led into battles of Feminism and baby-murdering. This is the culture young asians are being exposed to on a daily basis, and in some ways, we have it WORSE than the Americans.

In the USA, the Left may dominate America’s media, but they certainly do not dominate America. That’s how Trump won. For those who are clueless on what right and left even means, here’s a quick lame-man’s comparison.

Right: Trump, Fox News, Judeo-Christian values, No to abortion, Yes to guns, etc.

Left: Obama, Hillary, CNN, Hollywood, Planned Parenthood, Ellen DeGeneres, etc.

In the USA, there is a present and strong opposition to the ideologies that the Left ever so desperately tries to propagate. While the Left blasts their bellowing Tuba of Pro Choice, the Right is there to trumpet in response the morals and virtue of Pro Life, saving millions of innocent baby lives that third-wave feminists would consider a clump of cells.

However here in Singapore, who will be the bugle boy of justice? Who will let the politically, potentially morally unaware Singaporeans know what’s hidden on the other side? Heck, I used to think that Planned Parenthood was a wonderful organisation that promoted NFP (Natural Family Planning) because Emma Watson made it out to be such a saintly thing!

Turns out, it’s an organisation that rips infants out of their mother’s wombs, limb by limb, piece by piece.

Some fortunate folks may be blessed enough to have discovered people like Ben Shapiro and Liz Wheeler, now my heroes, who are doing a fantastic job fighting the good fight over in the west. But The Daily Wire and Tipping Point with Liz Wheeler aren’t exactly the kind of media that we Gossip Girls and Jimmy Kimmel fans are exposed to.

Asians in general may support the conservative values of the Right, especially here in Singapore. However, there simply isn’t enough awareness that the Leftist way of thinking is not the only way to think, a problem not exclusive to this tiny island.

I started this platform with one goal. An attempt to bring balance to the exposure of American media to the rest of the world.

I strongly believe that it is only fair that people get to choose what they want to believe in. Being exposed exclusively to Leftist American media is not giving people the choice to make a decision on what they believe is right and wrong.

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